Prostate Cancer

Whether you are looking for information on prostate cancer or information on treatments for prostate cancer this website can be of great assistance to you. The most important prostate cancer info you should know about is prevention. Treatment for prostate cancer has changed the survival rate for cancer for the better over the past 20 years. Prostate cancer treatment will come into play after you are diagnosed but without the all important steps of prevention and detection you will never have that option.

· About 70% of all diagnosed prostate cancers are found in men aged 65 years or older.
· Over the past 20 years, the survival rate for prostate cancer has increased from 67% to 97%.
· The prostate cancer death rate is higher for African-American men than for any other racial or ethnic group.
· Compared to other racial and ethnic groups, the Asian/Pacific Islander group has relatively low rates of prostate cancer incidence and mortality.
· Among all racial and ethnic groups, prostate cancer death rates were lower in 1999 than they were in 1990.
· Decreases in prostate cancer death rates during 1990–1999 were almost twice as great for whites and Asian/Pacific Islanders than they were for African Americans, American Indian/Alaska Natives, and Hispanics.

*Source: American Cancer Society, Cancer Facts and Figures 2003.

Can prostate cancer be prevented?

Researchers are trying to determine the causes of prostate cancer and whether it can be prevented. They do not yet agree on the factors that can influence, either positively or negatively, a man’s risk of developing the disease. Some of the factors under study include:
· Use of herbal supplements
· Diets high in fat or low in fruits and vegetables.
· Consumption of vitamin E or selenium.
· Certain infectious diseases.
· Men’s hormonal characteristics.