Home Health Care

This page on is about Home Health Care. It covers how to select a home health care agencies and what to watch out for. It also answers questions about home health care as well as addressing many general home health care related topics. With the aging population, home health care is becoming one of the better ways to manage health costs.

Home health care is not a new idea. Well before modern medicine, people were cared for medically in their own home out of necessity. However, the caretakers of past generations usually consisted of family or friends. Home health care today is more based on a professional health care team working toward a common goal.

Today, home health care may be considered for patients who are:

  • recovering from an illness
  • undergoing treatment
  • disabled
  • chronically ill
  • terminally ill

Home health care is not an option for everyone. Generally, the patient receiving care or treatment at home must be well enough to be cared for in the home setting.

Home health care can be categorized into two groups:

  • Standard home health care - This category encompasses many services for many different types of patients, including the elderly, the disabled, the chronically ill, and those patients recovering from an acute illness.
  • Hospice care - Hospice service is provided for terminally ill patients who prefer the peace, comfort, and dignity of being at home.